“‘The Devil We Know’ is a riveting tale of long-term irresponsibility and injustice.”

“A blood-boiling eco-doc whose story is far from over… The doc will agitate on the fest circuit, and likely prompt more than a few viewers to toss their Teflon pans into the trash.”

“First she took on BPA. Then sugar. Now, documentary filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig is going after Teflon — the chemical that coats so many of our nonstick pans.”

"The story we tell in The Devil We Know has all the makings of a Hollywood thriller: a cover-up spanning decades, a quintessential David and Goliath pitting deceitful and callous executives against regular folks, a protracted and bitter legal battle, and government apathy that borders on conspiracy."

"How can we trust corporations and the government to do right by us when, as early as 1961, DuPont knew its Teflon chemical was causing damage in lab animals, yet it continued to use it with impunity for more than five decades?"

"This is no ordinary documentary. This is a film that will chill you to your very core when the effects of the introduction of Teflon (not just to a few people or a community, but the world) are revealed. It almost sounds like science-fiction, but it’s actually science fact."

"How much do you love your non-stick pan? Is it to die for? Watch The Devil We Know and decide for yourself."

"Unlike a number of films concerned with man made environmental degradation... The Devil We Know is no faux-thriller. It is straightforward and unambiguous in its assertions."

“‘The Devil We Know’ kept the Sundance premiere audience fully riveted throughout its duration; by two-thirds of the way through, folks around me were spontaneously applauding and talking back to the screen.”

“The shock factor makes it a must-see.”

“The struggle to discover the truth about C8 and hold DuPont accountable is the subject of a stunning new documentary that premiered here at Sundance. It’s called ‘The Devil We Know.’”

Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper says “The Devil We Know” is a film that could have a worldwide impact.